The Worship Leaders' Collection
Our World United In Praise

Praise and worship is the universal language of worship for Christians from all parts of the world - expressing praise and honor to the God who redeems us. Many Christians in other parts of the world have different struggles and hardships. They are at times dealing with governments that discourage the practice of their faith, or war, poverty and countless other hardships. In many of these situations Christians, who are writing and singing these songs, are stripped of everything except for a heart praising God. This album series seeks to capture worship songs from around the world and bring them to you, that they may inspire you, encourage you and be used by you to worship God.

Title: Worship Leaders' Collection Vol. 1
I Have Called You By Name
Item No.: WWMD 1036

Track Listing:
1. Because We Believe - John Chisum (USA)
2. Spirit Come - Parachute Band (New Zealand)
3. I Have Called You By Name - Hatfield Church (South Africa)
4. Shout To The Lord - Darlene Zschech (Australia)
5. In The Thunder John De Jong - Manchester Vineyard (UK)
6. There Is None Like You - Darlene Zschech (Australia)
7. I Wait For The Lord - Ingrid DuMosch (USA)
8. Holy Holy Holy Is The Lord - Hatfield Church (South Africa)
9. There is A River - Willi Joubert (South Africa)
10. I Trust In You - John De Jong/Manchester Vineyard (UK)
11. I Will Arise - Ingrid Dumosch (USA)
12 Lord of the Heavens - Parachute Band (New Zealand)
13. Let Your Kingdom Come - John Chisum (USA)
14. Shine Your Light - Oslo Gospel Choir (Norway)
15. That's Why I Sing - Oslo Gospel Choir (Norway)

Title: Worship Leaders' Collection Vol. 2
Born To Worship
Item No.: WWMD 1138

Track Listing:
1. Days Of Elijah - Robin Mark
2. Supernatural Rain - Christian City Church Australia
3. Born To Worship - Kim Hill
4. I'd Rather Have Jesus - Jeff Deyo/SonicFlood
5. Sweet Mercies (It's Our Confession Lord) - David Ruis
6. I Will Magnify You - Christian City Church Australia
7. Take Us To The River - Robin Mark
8. When I Remember - Kim Hill
9. Deep Within My Heart - Simon Goodall
10. More (Than Oxygen) - Brian Doerksen
11. Sweet Wind (There's A Wind Blowing) - David Ruis
12. Only Your Mercy - Scott Wesley Brown
13. Open The Eyes Of My Heart - Jeff Deyo/Sonicflood
14. We Are The Body Of Christ - Scott Wesley Brown
15. Refiner's Fire - Brian Doerksen
16. You Have Been So Good To Us - Simon Goodall

Music Style: Praise & Worship


Worship Leaders' Collection
Worship music as it is known today is a worldwide phenomenon that has it roots in the 1960's in New Zealand. In 1963 David and Dale Garratt pulled back from singing at youth conventions and meetings for a time of waiting upon the Lord. In 1968 they recorded a new album of fresh new songs - Scripture put to song. This is what many recognize at the birth of the modern praise and worship movement. Scripture In Song became the name under which David and Dale released their music. Many of their songs became standards that are sung in churches around the world, songs such as; Be Exalted O God, This Is The Day, Blessed Be The Lord God Almighty plus many more well loved choruses.

Praise and worship music grew around the world. Companies such as Maranatha Music, Vineyard Music, Kingsway Music and Integrity Music responded to the growing need to provide the Church worldwide with music that brings the listener, and the Church, into a time of worship. This album series seeks to capture worship songs from around the world and bring them to you, that they may inspire you, encourage you and be used by you to worship God. That Christians everywhere can relate to these songs and join in a unified voice of praise. That the world may know...

The Albums: In the extra length CD booklet, each Worship Leader has a page for a photo, bio, discography and song lyrics. This is not just another collection of praise and worship songs - it is the heart, vision and passion of these worship leaders. To include wherever a local language worship song on the album with revenues returning to these countries & ministries.

Vision: To bring new and fresh worship songs from around the world to the Church.

Purpose: To collect new songs of worship from Worship Leaders around the world and compile them on a series of CDs that will bring a series of new and fresh outpourings of worship to the church at large. Many of these Worship Leaders have been used very effectively in their own churches and congregations and have been a part of a renewal and recommitment in their local areas. This series is designed to give these Worship Leaders the larger platform to have their songs presented to the Church.

Focus: While the focus is global, it includes songs from the US. There are Worship Leaders in small churches around this country that have written and sung some incredible songs. Our goal is to always to include US Worship Leaders on these albums.

The Series: It is planned to release the first volume and within 4 months to release volume two. Thereafter every 6 months we would hope to release another volume.

The Direction: Mostly it will be new songs sung by worship leaders - generally ones they have written themselves - but we will also add well known songs at times sung by worship leaders that have not had the opportunity to have their gift exposed to a wider audience. In the CD Booklet - (it will need to be an extra length booklet - probably stapled) - each worship Leader will have a page for a photo, bio and discography. All The song lyrics will be printed as well. The above two items are important as this is not just another collection of praise and worship songs but it is the heart, vision and passion of these worship leaders. This is what we are selling, the artists and their craft.

Value: Exposure too new and fresh Praise and Worship songs with minimal cost and risk. As a line extension to an existing Worship label or sub label, it would strengthen and diversify the label as a global entity. We would work with you to introduce new praise and worship artists for continued growth of your Worship albums. This series rather than competing with the existing Worship line of projects would complement it, as this is a compilation of product that has little or no exposure in the USA.

Volume Two - Born To Worship is now available.

Conclusion: With the continued growth in Praise and Worship, many companies are coming out with similar products and the same songs. The Worship Leaders Collection is something new and fresh within the Praise and Worship genre and introduces new material into a market segment that urgently needs a fresh influx of songs. I look forward to making this superb collection available for you.


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