When God Is Silent – Finding Hope In The Midst Of Life
An album by Rhonda Gunn that focuses on a life interrupted by personal tragedy or loss.

Title: When God Is Silent - Finding Hope In The Midst Of Life
Artist: Rhonda Gunn
Item No.: WWMD 1153

Tracks Listing:
Mercy River
2. Autumn Rain
3. God Is God
4. Higher Faith
5. Almighty God
6. No Turning Back
7. Fall
8. My God My Love
9. Your Word
10. Valley Of The Shadow
11. Simply Love You
12. Be With You
13. Run To You
14. I Wonder If
15. Rush

Music Style: CCM

Everyone at some time in their life experiences loss in some form or another.

When God Is Silent – is an album that focuses on someone whose life has been interrupted by personal tragedy or loss.

When God seems silent in the midst of all the chaos.

When tragedy strikes – whether it be natural disaster, tsunami's, hurricanes, earthquakes etc; disease – cancer or any other myriad diseases; the violent and senseless death of a loved one - a child or spouse; divorce and all the second guessing and “what ifs” that go along with that. When the rug is pulled out of you financially and no work or means to support for a family can be found. It is in these times that God may appear silent.

In the face of adversity we sometimes want the world to stop so we can catch up, take a breath; find some relief from the hurt. Unfortunately the world does not stop, people carry on around us with their lives. After the death of a loved one and after a period of time, friends appear to have moved on, their lives have taken on new challenges, they are laughing, going places and enjoying themselves. The person suffering has not that same ability – the hurt is still too deep. There is no laughter, there is only memories and a profound sense of loss that cannot be shaken. And where is God in the midst of all of this – He seems far away.

This album is a carefully selected series of songs that helps people going through tragedy to realize that God is there, He is close and with outstretched arms He is there in all His love to be the comfort, to wrap His arms of love around them.

Many of the songs on this album start where the person is hurting and feeling distant from God and brings the listener to an understanding that the God who created the world is right there beside you, holding you and walking through the valleys with you.

There are songs that help refocus, see anew what is going around you, see matters from God's perspective when we cannot even see them from our own.

This album is designed to be used as a healing guide for a soul in distress.

Core Demographic:

Cancer affects 1 in 4 people

Divorce affects 1 in 2 marriages

Death of a child; either by disease, accident or some form of malice – we all know someone who is a victim of this.

Job downsizing – there is no job security anymore as companies are sold, merged, downsized etc. Finding a job that lets people maintain their standard of living can be difficult at times.

People of all ages, asking how could God allow this.

There is nothing like this on the market and it is so badly needed.

The CD booklet will enclose all the lyrics along with helps and thoughts from Rhonda.



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