Margaret Becker – My Refuge
Acoustic Sketches – a new recording of Margaret's most requested songs in concert.

Title: Acoustic Sketches My Refuge
Artist: Margaret Becker
Item No.: KMCD2492

Track Listing:
1. You're Worthy
2. Feel It All
3. Say The Name
4. Hear All Creation
5. Clay And Water
6. All I Ever Wanted
7. My Refuge Be
8. Jesus Draw Me Ever Nearer (May This Journey)
9. Poor In Paradise
10. Just Come In
11. No Height, No Depth

Music Style: CCM

Margaret Becker – Acoustic Sketches: My Refuge
"For years I've been asked by so many of you to make a record that is like our stripped down acoustic live show. On a hot August day, I called up a few of my friends and asked them to come help me do just that.

I brought the songs and the arrangements. It all started with me, the acoustic guitar, Ken and Chris. Along the way, I indulged myself with Matt and David and their strings, Jonathan and his beautifully sparse keyboards and vocals, and Amanda's rich voice.

The result is an acoustic based record filled with some of my favourite songs from the past ten years, and some new writings that haven't been released before. This is what we made together.

My special thanks to you all for you continued support and encouragement. Hope you enjoy it."

Thanking you,
Margaret Becker


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