My Kind Of Worship – The Power Of Your Love
Silky smooth vocals, rich musicianship with a fashionable and informal stylishnessdesigned to lead you into your own time of worship. Influenced by the music of Norah Jones and Vonda Shepard.

Title: My Kind Of Worship – The Power Of Your Love
Artist: Various
Item No.: SK

Track Listing:
1. I Wanna Know What Love Is/Power Of Your Love
2. Breathe/How Do I Live Without You
3. Because Of You
4. Above All
5. God Will Make A Way
6. Only By Grace
7. Lord I Long
8. I Will Sing
9. Open The Eyes Of My Heart
10. This Is My Desire
11. All Heaven Declares
12. Jesus All For Jesus
13. Crown Him With Many Crowns
14. Majesty

Music Style: Praise & Worship

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My Kind of Worship
Worship music is personal – it is an avenue for bringing us closer to our God. Worship music is different from any other form of music. Worship Music's goal is to bring us into the presence of God – to open our heart, mind and spirit to giver our Creator and Saviour praise and honour. Worship Music does not entertain – it is too important for that, too focused. The power of music sung in adoration to our Lord and Saviour transforms and renews the heart to enter into communion with the one true God.

All of this does not mean that worship music has to follow a style or pattern. We all have music styles we love, why not incorporate that into worship? We all have heard mainstream songs that have influenced us spiritually. You may wonder why a song like, 'I Want To Know What Love Is' is doing on a worship album? While watching the video one day and seeing a Gospel choir singing these words as the lead singer of Foreigner led with his solo, I was struck by the fact that so many of us, men and women want to know what love, not all of us find it. Sung as a prayer it can easily be a plea to know true love, the love that can only come from God. This was not the original intention of the writer of this song – but history is filled with examples of God using something for His glory.

My Kind Of Worship brings you worship songs you love, songs you have heard on mainstream radio and brings them to you in a personal style – tinged with jazz elements, it is very much influenced by the popular music of Norah Jones and Vonda Shepard. Style wise it's a mixture of soothing jazz, easy listening and some lounge atmosphere with melodious, catchy arrangements and vocals to match.

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