Mary Rice Hopkins
Celebrating 25 years of family music ministry, Mary Rice Hopkins has captured the hearts of children and grown-ups alike.

Title: Sleep Little Ones
Artist: Mary Rice Hopkins
Item No.:

Track Listing:
1. Sing To The Lord, Goodnight (instrumental)
2. Resting
3. The Bear Song
4. Nightlight
5. Sleep Little One
6. Hold Her In Your Loving Hands (Baby Dedication Song)
7. He Never Sleeps
8. Another's Arms
9. Come To Me
10. Praying
11. Dear God
12. Peace Of God
13. Love With The Love
14. Sing To The Lord, Goodnight

Title: Come On Home – Parables Jesus Told
Item No.:

Track Listing:
1. Farmer And The Sheep
2. Come On Home
3. Who Is Your Neighbor
4. Oh Honey
5. Don't Dig A Hole
6. At Midnight
7. Lord I Need You
8. Greedy Guy
9. Wedding Feast
10. You're Gonna Grow
11. You Are The Rock
12. Grow Me Up Like You
13. Forgive
14-26. (Split Tracks)

Title: The ABCs Of Praise
Item No.: 648344042227

Track Listing:
1. ABCs Of Praise
2. If I Were A Butterfly
3. My God Is So Big
4. Hip Hip Hooray (Hippopotamus)
5. Turn Your Frown
6. I've Got The Joy/This Little Light Of Mine
7. Happy You Are Mine
8. Zacchaeus
9. He Cares For You
10. Everywhere
11. Deep And Wide
12. This Is My Father's World
13. The Lord Is My Shepherd
14. Run Like The Wind
15. Jesus Loves Me
16-30. (Split Tracks)

Title: In My Garden (DVD)
Item No.: BS4U12-5

Title: Kid's Kamp (DVD)
Item No.: BS4U18-5

Music Style: Children's



For over twenty years Mary has been able to fulfill the vision that she believes God has given to her... to Minister The Truth Of God's Love To Children & Families. Mary has traveled extensively across the USA and internationally. Mary's music can best be described as a musical celebration of God's love.

About Mary Rice Hopkins...
Celebrating 25 years of family music ministry, Mary has captured the hearts of children and grown-ups alike. She is now an accomplished children's books author. For the last 10 years Mary has devoted more time to Christian Educators knowing the important role they play in the lives of children.

Educators say, "Mary's music is timeless."

Ministry Highlights...
• Written Songs for: Time Life's "Song for Worship"/Integrity Music & Maranatha! Music Praise Series. Featured songs.
• Feature Magazine Articles: Christian Parenting Today, Herald of Holiness, Children's Ministry Magazine, Christian Early Education.
• Keynote Speaker at ACSI (Association of Christian Schools Int'l) Conferences.
• Leading Worship & Special Music: MOMS In Touch International, Children's Pastors Conferences, MOPS.
• Make A Wish Foundation - Special concert for child with life threatening illness whose wish was to attend a Mary Rice Hopkins concert.
• Focus on The Family's Clubhouse Magazine
• Recorded 22 CDs, 6 Videos and 7 Children's Books with Good News Publishers/Crossway Books, Cook communications ministries, and Group publishing.

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from Mary Rice Hopkins:
"The ABCs of Praise " - Children's Sunday Favorites (15 tracks + bonus Split Track versions!)


Harvest/Pumpkin Concert on Oct. 30th.
Suzanne Morisette :: Drums & Vocals
Sandy Howell :: Keyboards & Vocals
Mary Rice Hopkins in the middle :)

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