Manchester Vineyard
If we don't praise Him …the rocks and stones will. Welcome to a unique worship experience that focuses on the creativity and talent of those who directly influence what we sing in Church every week.
"Worship the Lord with gladness; come before Him with joyful songs!" Psalm 100:2

Title: I Long For You
Item No.: SPNCD013

Track Listing:
1. Here I Am
2. More Love, More Power
3. I Long For You
4. Draw Me Close
5. Nothing Else Matters
6. I Trust In You
7. You Are There
8. Be Free
9. Lord, Send Me
10. Clean Heart
11. Spirit Song

Title: One Day With You
Item No.: DEVD003

Track Listing:
1. In The Thunder
2. We Seek Your Face
3. Just One Day
4. The River
5. Be Thou My Vision
6. Release My Soul
7. Simple Faith
8. Doing Time
9. Thirsty Land
10. Saved
11. My Heart Is Full
12. Be At Rest

Music Style: Praise & Worship


John de Jong was born in England but at the start of his musical career worked as a singer/songwriter in Europe, settling in France for a while where he played acoustic sets in clubs and bars, later moving to Holland where for two years he toured Europe with an international band associated with Youth for Christ.

John graduated in Physics with Musical Acoustics from the University of Surrey in 1981 and for many years was involved in professional audio in manufacturing, design, and studio engineering while continuing to work as a performing musician, worship leader and acoustic guitar specialist. He has been leading worship now for over twenty years, most recently at the Manchester Vineyard where he heads up the music ministry and runs the Creative Worship Centre – a training centre for musicians.

His current work includes developing worship initiatives in the Czech Republic (and more recently, Russia) where he regularly tours and teaches, and, under the banner of the Manchester Vineyard, is recording a series of albums.

John lives near Manchester with his Dutch wife and three children.

Andy Green is 25 years old and lives in Manchester, England with his wife Wendy and little boy Toby. Andy began playing keyboards when he was 5 years old and now plays professionally in many different settings.

He attends the Manchester Vineyard church and has been involved in the worship team there for several years.

As a worship leader Andy’s goal is: “for greater freedom to express our hearts to God in worship and to go deeper into God's presence and develop intimacy with the Father.”

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