Heart of Worship – The Passion
This series focuses on capturing the heart and passion of the singers and their Heart for Worship.
The vision behind this series is threefold — 1) the best songs, 2) sung by Worship Leaders, 3) from around the world coming together in worship. Beyond many a great song lies a heart of worship, and behind a heart of worship is Spirit and Truth.

Title: Heart of Worship – The Passion
Item No.: 8203432

Track Listing Disc One:
1. Above All
2. From Heaven You Came/Sing Hallelujah To The Lord
3. Pierced
4. Son Of man
5. How Long O Lord
7. Lamb Of God
8. Come And See
9. My Lord What Love Is This
10. Amazing Grace
11. The Cross Has Said It All
12. I Will Love You For The Cross
13. Jesus Christ (Once Again)
14. You Laid Aside Your Majesty
15. Majesty (Here I Am)

Track Listing Disc Two:
1. Christ Is Risen
2. Jesus We Celebrate Your Victory
3. In Christ Alone
4. Wonderful Cross
5. Redeemer
6. I'm Forever Grateful
7. Thank You For Saving Me
8. Such Love
9. Lord You Have My Heart
10. All I Can Bring
11. How Deep The Father's Love For Us
12. Love's Sweet Victory
13. My Redeemer Lives
14. I Believe In Jesus
15. Speechless

Music Style: Praise & Worship


A Powerful Worship Experience
The Crucifixion story has been told powerfully through music over many centuries. The outpouring of worship songs over just the last few decades has produced many insightful songs about the sufferings and death of Jesus, as well as about His resurrection. This double album tells the Passion story through song and also reflects on what our response should be to Christ's victory over sin and death at the cross – “love so amazing, so divine, demands my soul, my life, my all”

Threefold Purpose:
1) The Best Songs – regardless of who owns the song publishing. So often albums come out from a company with only two or three really strong songs on them. Every song on these albums is strong.

2) The Worship Leaders – working with Worship Leaders who are passionate about their craft and what they have been called to do - as most are.

3) The International Profile – these songs, singers and musicians come from the UK, USA and other countries combining their talents and gifts.

Realizing that around the world we all have our cultural differences, music - especially Worship music, brings us all together worshipping our One Lord and God.

The Result
Heart of Worship: a powerful Worship experience

So this album was borne out of capturing great songs but not just having them recorded in a studio setting with studio singers and musicians but we focused on capturing the heart and passion of the worship leaders/ singers and their Heart for Worship.

The heart and passion of the singers is that unknown quality that cannot be programmed or mixed into a recording. It is not just the singing of the songs - it is the heart-felt intensity of each worship leader. As they sing these songs and allow themselves to become part of the worship experience, this flows over into the recording.

A Global Success
Heart of Worship has been a global success with sales outside North America in excess of 200,000 units.

Tying into the popular series - Heart Of Worship - creating a Christmas album with the best loved songs. This album will become a perennial as it contains timeless Christmas classics and worship songs sung by Worship Leaders.

In the busyness of the Christmas season this album will help you worship the King who was born in a manger so that he could bring life to all who would come to Him.

Style: Christmas Praise and Worship/Christmas songs sung in a praise and worship style

Purpose: The very best traditional and modern Christmas songs on one recording

Positioning: Outside of the music department.- preferably as people walk into the store or near the checkout.

Album Length: 30 Songs - Double CD.

Release Date: 2004

Key Features:
• A part of the Heart Of Worship Series
• Praise & Worship Style
• Double Album of the very best songs of Christmas
• Price point

Other Successes: WOW Christmas last year in the USA in a three month period was certified Gold (over 500,000 units).


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