Heart Of Worship Series
This series focuses on capturing the heart and passion of the singers and their Heart for Worship.
The vision behind this series is threefold 1) the best songs, 2) sung by Worship Leaders, 3) from around the world coming together in worship. Beyond many a great song lies a heart of worship, and behind a heart of worship is Spirit and Truth.

Title: Heart Of Worship Volume 1
Item No.: LRD9711

Disc 1
1. Come Now Is The Time
2. My Redeemer Lives
3. Mourning Into Dancing
4. All Things Are Possible
5. The Happy Song
6. We Want To See Jesus Lifted High
7. Jesus, We Celebrate Your Victory
8. I Believe In Jesus
9. Days Of Elijah
10. The River Is Here
11. Thankyou For Saving Me
12. Lord, I Lift Your Name On High
13. All Heaven Declares
14. Let Everything That Has Breath
15. Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble
Disc 2
1. The Heart Of Worship
2. Only By Grace
3. You Laid Aside Your Majesty
4. There Is None Like You
5. Draw Me Close To You
6. Lord, You Have My Heart
7. Jesus, All For Jesus
8. Eagles Wings
9. The Potters Hand
10. I Just Want To Be Where You Are
11. I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever
12. Power Of Your Love
13. I'm Forever Grateful
14. Lord, Reign In Me
15. Lord Of The Dance

Title: Heart Of Worship Volume 2
Item No.: DEVD002

Disc 1
1. Can't Stop Talking
2. Praise God From Whom
3. My Lips Shall Praise You
4. I've Found Jesus
5. By Your Side
6. Hungry
7. Salvation Belongs To Our God
8. Jesus Shall Take The Highest Honour
9. I Will Arise
10. All I Once Held Dear
11. It's Rising Up
12. For The Cross
13. God Is Good All The Time
14. Lion Of Judah
15. Be Thou My Vision
Disc 2
1. Holy Spirit Rain Down
2. Let Your Glory Fall
3. Great Is The Lord
4. Faithful God
5. O Lord Your Tenderness
6. I Hear Angels (Holy, Holy)
7. Breathe
8. Amazing Love
9. I Love You Lord
10. Change My Heart O God
11. Jesus Christ (Once Again)
12. Jesus, Lover Of My Soul
13. He Is The Lord
14. Shout To The Lord
15. Can't Stop Praising

Title: Heart Of Worship Volume 3
Item No.: DEVD003

Disc 1
1. Your Love Is Beautiful
2. Give Thanks To The Lord
3. Men Of Faith
4. All Of My Days
5. Jesus Be The Center
6. Forever
7. I Will Offer You Up My Life
8. Above All
9. Holy Holy
10. Light Of The World
11. Open The Eyes Of My Heart
12. In Christ Alone
13. I Have Heard So Many Songs
14. God Of Wonders
15. You Carried Me
Disc 2
1. Celebrate Jesus Celebrate
2. O Let The Son Of God Enfold You
3. What A Friend I've Found
4. Purify My Heart
5. Draw Me Close To You
6. You Are Beautiful Beyond Description
7. You Make Your Face To Shine On Me
8. Don't Let My Love Grow Cold
9. This Is The Day
10. How Deep The Fathers Love For Us
11. What Grace
12. To Be In Your Presence
13. It's All About Jesus
14. Majesty
15. Restore Me

Title: Heart Of Worship Volume 4
Item No.: DEVD005

Disc 1
1. There Is A Louder Shout To Come
2. We Will Seek Your Face
3. I'm Trading My Sorrows
4. Blessed
5. Your Love Is Amazing
6. The Wonderful Cross
7. I Can Only Imagine
8. You Have Shown Me
9. I'm Giving You My Heart
10. Joining The Angels In Heaven
11. Here I Am Once Again
12. Our Great God
13. Lord Have Mercy
14. Here I Am
15. Sing Alleluia
Disc 2
1. We Fall Down
2. Welcome Holy Spirit
3. Before The Throne Of God Above
4. Your Love O God
5. He's Always Been Faithful
6. Faithful One
7. King Of Glory
8. You Are The King Of Glory
9. Pierced
10. Sovereign Lord
11. Glorious
12. Blessed Be Your Name
13. All I Can Bring
14. Beautiful One
15. I Adore

Title: Heart Of Worship Volume 5
Item No.:

Disc 1
You Are My King (Amazing Love)
2. Great Is Your Faithfulness
3. Song Of Love
4. Who Is Like Him
5. Father Into Your Courts
6. Your Love O Lord
7. Holy Moment
8. The Spirit Of The Sovereign Lord
9. Ancient Of Days
10. Fall
11. Jesus Hope Of The Nations
12. You Chose The Cross
13. Better Than Life
14. My King
15. Majesty (Here I Am)
Disc 2
1. I Will Sing
2. I Worship You Almighty God
3. Can A Nation Be Changed?
4. Awake Awake O Zion
5. Beautiful
6. All My Days (Beautiful Saviour)
7. May The Words Of My Mouth
8. Secret Place
9. To Him
10. I Shall Not Want
11. Jesus Lover Of My Soul
12. King Of Kings Majesty
13. Show Mercy
14. Mercy And Love
15. Agnus Dei

Title: Heart Of Worship Africa
Item No.: MARD316

Disc 1
1. Days Of Elijah
2. Lord I Lift Your Name On High
3. Let Your Glory Fall
4. I Believe In Jesus
5. Shout To The Lord
6. I've Found Jesus
7. I Love You Lord
8. Eagle's Wings
9. Jesus We Celebrate Your Victory
10. All Things Are Possible
11. Show Your Power
12. Lord Reign In Me
13. Thank You For Saving Me
14. I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever
15. Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble?
Disc 2
1. My Redeemer Lives
2. All Heaven Declares
3. There Is None Like You
4. Great Is The Lord
5. Breathe
6. The Heart Of Worship
7. The Power Of Your Love
8. Holy Spirit Rain Down
9. Salvation Belongs To Our God
10. Come Now Is The Time To Worship
11. Mourning Into Dancing
12. We Want To See Jesus Lifted High
13. By Your Side
14. The River Is Here

Title: Kids Heart Of Worship
Item No.: DEVD004

Disc 1
1. The Cross Has Said It All
2. Father God I Wonder
3. Majesty
4. Jesus Christ (Once Again)
5. Abba Father
6. Seek Ye First
7. Jesus, Name Above All Names
8. Oh, How I Love Jesus
9. I Lift My Eyes Up
10. Only You
11. Teach Me To Dance
12. Lord I Lift Your Name On High
13. We Are Marching
14. Open The Eyes Of My Heart
15. When There Is Nowhere To Turn
Disc 2
1. Lord, You Put A Tongue In My Mouth
2. God Is Good
3. Celebrate Jesus, Celebrate
4. We Bring The Sacrifice Of Praise
5. There Is Power In The Name Of Jesus
6. Soon And Very Soon
7. I Am A New Creation
8. Wake Up O Sleeper
9. Far And Near (Say It Loud)
10. Be Bold, Be Strong
11. I Will Dance, I Will Sing (Undignified)
12. Praise Him On The Trumpet
13. I Will Wave My Hands
14. If You're Happy And You Know It
15. Lord, Lead Me Home

Title: Heart Of Worship Urban
Item No.: WMD027

Disc 1
1. Almigthy God My Redeemer
2. Salvation Belongs To Our God
3. Hosanna
4. We Want To See Jesus Lifted High
5. Over All The Earth
6. Holy Spirit Rain Down
7. Jesus Shall Take The Highest Honour
8. There Is None Like You
9. All Heaven Declares
10. I Love You Lord
11. Eagle's Wings
12. You Are Mighty
13. My Redeemer Lives
14. I Believe In Jesus
15. I Will Enter His Gates

Disc 2
1. Only By Grace
2. The Potter's Hand
3. I Just Want To Praise You
4. Such Love
5. As The Deer Pants
6. Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart
7. This Is My Desire
8. All I Once Held Dear
9. O Lord You Tenderness
10. Open Our Eyes, Lord
11. Father We Love You
12. You Laid Aside You Majesty
13. Mourning Into Dancing
14. My Jesus, My Saviour
15. He Is The Lord (Show Your Power)

Music Style: Praise & Worship



A Global Experience
Why another worship series? There are numerous collections out in the market place already. What makes Heart of Worship anything different?

The vision behind this series was three fold:
1) The Best Songs - regardless of who owns the song publishing. So often albums come out from a company with only two or three really strong songs on them. Every song on these albums is strong. We did not allow ourselves to be influenced by song ownership or which company would give us a better songwriter rate. If it is a great song - we wanted it on the album.

2) The Worship Leaders - working with Worship Leaders who are passionate about their craft and what they have been called to do - as most are. Giving these Worship Leaders a platform to share their music. The Worship Leaders on this series are not high profile Worship Leaders but are just as committed as the ones who are. These are people who faithfully encourage and lead their congregations in worship each week for no other reason than this is what they have been called to do.

3) The International Profile - these songs, singers and musicians did not just come from the USA only but is combining the talents an gifts of Worship Leaders, singers and musicians from different parts of the world. Realizing that around the world we all have our cultural differences, music - especially Worship music, brings us all together worshipping our One Lord and God.

So this album was borne out of capturing great songs but not just having them recorded in a studio setting with studio singers and musicians but we focused on capturing the heart and passion of the singers and their Heart for Worship. This was done in part by singing the newer songs that the Church is embracing and then combining that in a live worship experience from a strong worshipping church. The heart and passion of the singers is that unknown quality that cannot be programmed or mixed into a recording. It is not just the singing of the songs - it is the heart-felt intensity of each worship leader. As they sing these songs and allow themselves to become part of the worship experience, this flows over into the recording. This is no longer a sterile recording of great songs and very talented singers - it becomes a worship experience by people who are personally and intimately involved in worshipping our God as the album is being recorded. The hope is that the listener will allow these songs to wash over them. That no matter what the day has been like or whatever issues or situations they are dealing with that these songs, and the singers that recorded them, will bring the listener back to the foundation of their faith and lead them into a time of worship.

This album was recorded in both the USA and the UK and combined singers and musicians and arrangers from both continents plus New Zealand, Europe, Africa and elsewhere. The result is a powerful Worship experience.

Highlights: The International success of this album and series proves that the market is hungry for an album featuring a global perspective in the praise and worship format that is song driven rather than artist driven.

UK and Europe: In the UK and Europe the album was released in April 2000 and went to the number 1 position on their Praise and Worship sales chart. In July 2000 this album was still at number 1 on the sales charts. In November 2000 this album is still Number 5 on the sales charts. 18 months after its initial release Heart of Worship 1 is still number 5 on the Praise and worship charts. In the year 2000 it was Word UK's second largest selling title behind Mary Mary which had very large mainstream sales.

Australia and New Zealand: On September 16, 2000 by Heart Of Worship Vol. 1 being No. 14 on the Koorong Praise and Worship Charts (Australia) and WOW Worship - Orange being number 17. In for the first half of March 2001, Heart of Worship Vol. 1 being their NUMBER TWO overall bestseller for that time period. 15 months after its initial release How of Worship 1 was showing on the top 10 Koorong Praise and Worship charts in the company of albums such as WoW Worship and the Hillsongs Australia Praise and Worship series.

Singapore / Thailand / Malaysia / Indonesia / India / Phillipines: It was the distributors largest sell-in of any title they have had to date across all music styles PLUS the album has gone on to be the biggest selling album across all styles and genre's the distributor has ever released - (album was released August 2000). It attained 'Gold Status' by Christmas 2000 (5 months after release) and has now achieved Platinum status in Singapore.

South Africa: Heart Of Worship - "You Laid Aside Your Majesty" has just been added to the Highway Praise & Worship Top 10 at #5. (October 16, 2000). Based upon one retail chains experience accounting for the sales of Heart Of Worship compared to the WOW Worship series:
- This one chain accounted for 22.5% of WOW Worship sales.
- Whereas for Heart of Worship they accounted for 23.3% of all sales.
Another chain of stores that is not focused on music accounted for 8.8% of all Heart Of Worship Sales. After 18 months Heart of Worship is still on their top selling chart.

Spanish: Heart of Worship is being recorded in Spanish and also plans are underway for Dutch, German and Italian versions. Other languages including Afrikaans are being worked on as well.

USA & Canada: This album has not been released in the USA or Canada to date despite requests to do so. We have purposely held off so as to build up the international profile. This is to help ensure that this album, once it is released in the US and Canada, has a profile and story that gives the consumer a reason to choose this album over the numerous praise and worship albums currently in the marketplace.

A Global Success! Heart of Worship has been a global success with sales outside North America in excess of 150,000 units.

Heart of Worship - Urban
The Heart of Worship series gathers together the very best worship material, presenting fresh versions of the songs that are really making an impact in local churches. This addition to the series adds a refreshing twist. Musically Urban Heart of Worship mixes together R&B, Hip Hop, Caribbean and sweet soul influences to make this double CD a refreshing, uplifting worship experience.

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