Stephen Marshall – The Door Is Open
Guitar driven, energy-filled, praise and evangelism wrapped in words of dream giving encouragement. His lyrics make you "get it" the first time around but that's really only the top layer. His style has been compared to Bryan Adams, Keith Urban and John Mayer. His songs run from high energy to pensive, from praise and worship, and from encouragement to intimate stories.

Title: The Door Is Open
Artist: Stephen Marshall
Item No.:

Tracks Listing:
1. All About You
2. Glory, Glory
3. You Make My Day
4. Holy Are You Lord
5. Truly Amazing
6. The Door Is Open
7. More Than Enough
8. It's Alright
9. Spirit Of God
10. Kiss The Face Of God
11. Able To Deliver (Is Your God)
12. Set Me Free

Music Style: CCM


The Door is Open
With a guitar and a microphone, Stephen Marshall has ministered hope to people of all ages across America, Europe and South Africa. Not as you would imagine though. His life growing up in Canada molded a compelling perspective on life. This has captured the attention of countless audiences in the past decade, and re-ignited the hope that life had extinguished in so many lives.

“The last word spoke by God at the end of the old testament warns that the hearts of the fathers must be turned to the children and the hearts of the children to their fathers or a curse will come on that society,” says Stephen. “I believe that is coming to pass as we see the destruction taking place in families around the world. I also firmly believe God wants to turn that curse into a blessing.”

With his new CD, The Door Is Open, Stephen chronicles his own personal journey to the blessing of the Father. Through every track, he lays out “punchy” musical thankfulness to a God who Stephen learned to lean on early in life. And for Stephen, developing a relationship with his heavenly Father was revolutionary since his earthly dad was gone chasing relief for emptiness in his life.

“I can’t go back in time and help my dad. But I can try to affect the hearts of people today who need to hear that God is a redeemer. “

"With love, the door is open for healing, forgiveness and life-changing hope. God promised that even if our own parents forsake us, He never will. Every child of this generation, no matter how old they are, needs to know the Heavenly Father.”


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