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FaithWorld is an interdonimational congregation of believers, serving Central Florida from the space coast to the gulf coast, with particular emphasis on it's home city of Orlando.  From its organizing service on August 29, 1993, FaithWorld has fulfilled the Prophetic Word of God "that what could normally be done in ten years, would be compressed into one year."

Title: Mercy & Grace
Item No.: TRD0405

Track Listing:
We've Come to Give Him Praise
2. I Love Him
3. I'll Worship You
4. Glory to God
5. This Praise is For You
6. Blessing and Honor
7. You Alone
8. From the Sanctuary
9. Holy Righteous
10. Mercy and Grace

Title: NBC - Nothing But Church
Item No.: TRD0704

Track Listing:
. NBC (Nothing But Church) intro
2. Lord I Live
3. Come On Judah
4. I Wanna Thank You
5. In This Place
6. Holy Spirit
7. Presence Of The Lord
8. Alone
9. You Are
10. I'm Overwhelmed
11. Can't Nobody
12. No One
13. In Your Glory
14. Shake The Foundation
15. Mighty God
16. Nothing But Church

Title: One Nation Under Praise
Item No.: TRD0402

Track Listing:
1. 2 B Praised
2. Magnify The Lord
3. He'll Make A Way
4. Now That I Found You (featuring Veronica Petrucci)
5. If Not For Grace
6. One Nation Under Praise
7. Stand There And Sing
8. It Was You
9. Lord, I Praise You
10. Lord I Live
11. Keep Me In Your Reach

One Nation Under Praise (DVD)
Item No.: TRD1703

Track Listing:
1. Stand & Sing
2. Lord I Live
3. Now That I Found You
4. 2 B Praised
5. Oh Magnify The Lord
6. He'll Make A Way
7. Keep Me In Your Reach
8. It Was You
9. If Not For Grace
10. Lord I Praise You
11. One Nation Under Praise

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Music Style: Praise & Worship


About Pastor Clint Brown
An anointed preacher and motivational speaker, Pastor Brown is an accomplished musician and songwriter.  He has written and published over 250 praise and worship songs, some of which have been recorded and performed in five different languages.  Pastor Clint's music is known worldwide with 14 albums, some of which have remained in the top 10 of Praise and Worship Distribution Charts.  Pastor Brown's latest project, "Mercy & Grace" released in July 2005.

Pastor Brown is the CEO of Tribe Music Group Inc., which owns and operates a first class recording studio and a highly profiled publishing company and distribution company.

In less than 10 years Pastor Brown has seen his congregation grow to over 6,000 members and cover many pastors and churches throughout America.  FaithWorld is a multi-racial church with over 30 different nationalities represented in its membership.

Pastor Brown oversees 2 major conferences each year: JUDAH, a music conference which reaches thousands worldwide; and I.P.L.C., a pastor's and leadership conference which hosts over 500 churches teaching keys to leadership and ministry.

His message is clear: "Praise brings change to every situation in your life, and worship is the relationship with the Life Giver."  Pastor Brown has been met with triumph and tragedy in his life, and has found that praise provides victory, and worship sustains you through any trials you may face.

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