Celtic Voice Collection
A New Series Of Celtic Artists In Worship
The Celtic Voice series is dedicated to bringing you the finest Christian Celtic music available today. The Celtic Christian heritage, rich in music and drama, expresses a spirituality which looks back to the Celtic saints who first brought the Gospel to Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The music is about unblocking ancient wells and walking the old paths. As such it has tremendous relevance in today's society.

Title: Celtic Lullabies: Presence And Protection
Artist: Various with guest appearances from Joanne Hogg and Sarah Lacy (of Eden’s Bridge)
Item No.: WWMD 1121

Track Listing:
1. May The Angels
2. All Through The Night
3. Watching And Waiting
4. Presence And Protection
5. I Cannot Tell
6. Oh How I Love Jesus
7. Be Thou Vision
8. Sweet Dreams For You
9. Kumbaya
10. Brahm's Lullaby
11. Tranquility
12. Be Still And Know
13. If Tomorrow
14. Sing Lullaby

Title: You Are My Strong Tower
Artist: Liz Fitzgibbon
Item No.:

Track Listing:
1. Great And Marvelous Way
2. Heal Our Land
3. You Are The King Of Glory
4. Hoy Ground
5. You Are My Lighthouse
6. Draw Me Closer
7. You Are Worthy
8. Let The Drums Sound
9. My Nearest
10. The Sound Of The Harp
11. When I Survey
12. How Lovely Is Thy Way
13. You Are My Strong Tower

Music Style: Celtic



Artist's Vision
Volume One - My Strong Tower

This album was created for worship to our Holy God and has been a joy to me. These songs mean something to me - they tell of what God has done for me, to me and of my longings for Him. Some thoughts on two of the songs...

"You are my Strong Tower and I run into You .. " is a picture of a mortello tower, made from stone, tall and narrow. These towers are very much a part of the ruins in our Irish landscape and this Tower is a symbol to me of a place of safety. Although this song was written during a time of deep personal pain and loss, yet expressing it has brought great freedom not just to me but to the many others all over the world who have already heard it. God is so interested in the broken parts of our lives and He makes them into an acceptable offering of worship to Him.

"King of Glory "speaks of the realization that God really does hear us and cares about us. He is a Holy King, living in a Holy place and yet He is interested in me.
This song was born in a place of worship and I pray God fills your heart with new levels of faith as you go towards Him.

This album is really about God doing what He does. So most of the songs chosen, have a worship feel to them. Joy and victory in some and raw emotions in others and still others with deep intimacy. This is my hearts desire to draw people into deeper places with God. My hope and prayer is that this album will bring God's presence closer to the one who listens.

Ghor do Dhia (Glory to God)
Liz Fitzgibbon

Volume Two - Celtic Lullabies

A new life - an incredible gift from God. God has lovingly entrusted you with the care, nurture and upbringing of this new life. You have dreams, hopes and most of all love. You have created a warm nurturing environment in your home for this little one to grow up in. Each day brings something new and you desire to protect this little one from any possible harm. Seeking the presence and protection of God in song and prayer is a part of daily life that our Celtic Christian forbears knew well. You didn't know you could love so much. As your child settles down for bed You want to soothe away bedtime worries and ask God to be with them while they are sleep, knowing that our loving Father will watch over them - being very much their Presence and Protection.

Music, soft gentle songs that give honor to God and surround your baby with assurances of His love help create that place where your little one feels safe, secure and loved. Over time these songs can become a foundation on which to build as you seek to nurture your little one into the person both you and God dream they will become. May this music fill your baby's room with His peace. These carefully selected songs are designed to create an ambiance of assurance, love and caring. The gentle songs, loving words and soft instrumentation make this special album a keepsake for you and your family.

Market Potential: Eden's Bridge - a group signed to Whole World Media Group, has to date sold over 700,000 units of Celtic praise and worship through EMI CMG. This first album by Liz Fitzgibbons extends the reach of Celtic Worship music.

Liz is a worship leader in her church in Ireland and also is in demand here in the US. Also Liz sang with robin Mark on his ground breaking 'Revival In Belfast' album that has been released through Integrity Music.


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