Ambient Worship
Creating an easy listening 'ambient' piano series featuring praise and worship music for those who want to create a
worship-friendly environment in their home or car.

Title: Ambient Worship 1 – Piano Moments
Item No.: WWMD 1147

Track Listing:
1. I Will Worship
2. The King Has Come
3. Jesus Christ (Once Again)
4. All Things Are Possible
5. We Bow Down
6. My Redeemer Lives
7. Open The Eyes Of My Heart
8. These Are The Days Of Elijah
9. In Christ Alone
10. Thank You For The Blood
11. Thank You For Saving Me
12. There Is None Like You
13. Above All
14. Your Love O Lord

Title: Ambient Worship 2 – Piano Praise
Item No.: WWMD 1148

Track Listing:
1. Beautiful Lord Wonderful Savior
2. You Are The Sovereign 'I Am'
3. This Is My Desire
4. I'm Forever Grateful
5. Take Us To The River
6. It's Rising Up
7. Jesus What A Beautiful Name
8. What A Friend I've Found
9. I See The Lord
10. Your Love (Pour Over Me)
11. Your Love Is Amazing
12. God Of Wonder
13. We Fall Down
14. Forever

Music Style: Instrumental

Initial Releases:
Volume 1 - Piano Moments
Volume 2 - Piano Praise

Style: Praise and Worship - Instrumental
Piano the lead instrument with accompaniment from Guitar, Cello, Saxophone, Flute, Harp etc.

Purpose: Creating an easy listening 'ambient' piano series featuring praise and worship music for those who want to create a worshipful environment in their home or car.

Great product for Churches to play before their services.

Piano music continues its popularity especially in the over 40 age demographic.

Positioning: Ambient Worship

Album Length: 14-15 Songs. 45-50 minutes per CD

Content: New recordings of the top worship songs

Price Point: Midline

Key Features: Praise & Worship Style instrumental music. / Price point.

Other Successes:
Worship & Praise Him Series
Ambience Series (Provident Music)
The Time-Life Piano Series by Carl Doy has sold over two million copies to date – this is a collection of today's popular mainstream songs.
Inspirational Piano Moods Vol. 1, a joint venture with Virgin Records and EMI/CMG – as part of the Moods series has sold over 130,000 copies to date.

Support Information: Age 45 plus is the largest music buying demographic at 24.7%.

Age 30 plus and older demographics own 54.5% of the music buying market - an increase of 8% over 1998 and 62.7% over the last 11 years. (RIAA 2000 Consumer Profile

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